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Spanish translation available courtesy of Caferino! New: - Added functionality to give AI casters more chances to cast spells; this can be toggled in the mod options - Added an option to see class icons on the colonist bar; this can be toggled in the mod options - Enchanting improvement checks have been added - enchanting will only replace lesser enchantments, if no enchantment is replaced then the gem is not consumed - Succubus master spell "Scorn" now applies a combat buff/shield immediately following its use; base impact radius reduced from 7 to 5 - Added mouse attachment icons to provide feedback when targets of abilities are out of sight or beyond range - Demons have an additional ability "taunt" to force raider to attack them - New Mage spell - Arcane Bolt: attack magic available to all casters - New Mage spell - Lightning Trap: a proximity trap that discharges bottled lightning - New Mage spell - Invisibility: makes the caster invisible and clears hostile targeting - New Druid

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