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Thin Miner, is a game where you open your imagination to anything! build anything, create anything! survive alone or with friends! up to 8 in one game!Play or chat with friends! This game was created by Shadowreng and 64 Mahanda(me) AKA Julious Carmona

Thin Miner Demo

I'll be hones with you. When I see someone creating a game, that has just one of these words in it's descriptin (tiles, craft, survive, build, create) AND you use minecraft textures (yeah, "It's just an alpha", everyone says that, creating 16bits textures yourself isn't hard), that is the moment I say nope and look at another game. I do not critize you for making a game that has these ideas in mind, I really love these games, but please:

Do yourself a favor and don't use minecraft textures etc or make many references to it ("it's like minecraft"), you'll seem much more serious.

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