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First release of The Strange House. Have fun breaking the neighbor. (Note: The red lock is behind the basement door. This will be fixed soon.


next update fix the red lock's position and also add neighbor chase music as it seems like you forgot to
so here is my ratings:
HOUSE: 4/10 as its the default house just modified but could have been larger/more modified

PUZZLES: 3.5/10 emm.. it was very easy to figure next time keep harder puzzles

NEIGHBOR: 9/10 excellent hardcore AI the neighbor got would have gave it 10 if the neighbor had a skin and also if it had the chase music

STORY: 1/10 well there was no story but the mod was fun

AVG RATING: 3.8/10

NOTES: the mod was avrage but could have been better i suggest make your own house with more complicated puzzles next time as there was nothing below the water which had a puzzle in this mod

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