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An old orchestral piece that I did a few years back. Note that this DOES NOT utilize the VSL like my other works and needs a little more sound staging, so if you'd prefer a more authentic orchestral sound check out some of the other downloads to hear what can be done now. I uploaded it mainly to show what can be achieved with basic orchestral vsti's and sounds working together in layers - showing that you don't have to buy thousands of pounds worth of vsti's to achieve a fairly decent orchestral sound.

Thematic - orchestral track using old vsti's

The beginning reminds me off something out of Blade Runner. Is this using the atmosphere vsti? as well as other bits?

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david_Orrick Author

A mixture of Atmosphere, Edirol Orchestral Vsti and some strings of a Korg sound module I had. Notice that the staging could be a lot better though, for example; placing the string section and the cello's in separate areas and the brass sections placed equally could give it a lot more impact and movement.

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the mid section with the brass and strings was very well down, i think you have the potential to be a very good soundtrack artist

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