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As a member of the TN team I am releasing a new version containing several bug fixes. Please see the change log included in the download. Should be save game compatible. Move your save games to a safe spot, delete your current version of Terra Nova completely, and then use a rar utility to extract the mod into your games mod directory and then copy your save games back to the mod. If you have not previously installed the mod you will need to copy the billboard.fx file from the mods main directory and paste it into your main game gfx\fx folder. Please report any bugs, issues, or comments on the Paradox Eu3 forum as I do not watch this forum. Thank you.

Terra Nova Mod Ver 14115 for Paradox EU3 DW 5.2
xerokael - - 1 comments

thanks for not letting this project die!

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Krehlmar - - 180 comments

Hey I downloaded it, Verified all my files, put the mod in my mod folder.

Crashes the second I choose to play as an Aztec (religion). I'll try others but it's a shame because I really want to play this.

Peps like you guys are what made Paradox games what they are, you add and give more without any DLC or other ****** stuff. You're the unsung heroes.

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DarkenEU3 - - 168 comments

Thank you to you both, and Thanks again to 17blue17 for puting together this update and uploading it.
Check carefull the install instructions of the mod because you sometimes have to move files around after putting the mod into your EU3 in order to get it to work properly. Also make sure you have the full DW patch 5.2 and not a beta 5.2 patch.
My computer video card and sound card went bad so I have no way of testiong the game anymore, so I uninstalled the game and mod. So, this update was the work of 17blue17.

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voltar - - 44 comments

First time playing TN, looks awesome guys!

Seems stable enough but some event messages are showing with missing text, like these NO_STRING_BLAH BLAH things. Playing DW 5.2 official patch. The only install instructions I saw were moving billboard.fx, which I did. Am I just missing something obvious?

Also I know you know, but I`d love to get an upgraded map, we all know current one is fugly,but the effort is probably not worth it, I know :-). Great work, keep it up!

Also this release includes your autosaves, at 45mb unpacked it`s a waste, surely a mere oversight.

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DarkenEU3 - - 168 comments

thanks :)

it sounds like some localisation files are missing from the TN mod which were added in the DW 5.2 official patch. this should be an easy fix for 17blue17 if you report it in the TN mod section of the Paradox forums of the EU3 section. He will need to know the exact text of the No_STRING_ stuff or at least the event names. A screenshot there would be best. Im not sure he will see the comments here.

The last update I did had install instructions I beleive, so those should be the same for the 5.2 official patch. If 17blue17 didnt add any install instructions then that should be the only thing to change, the billboard.fx.

I believe it was with the DW expansion that PI made the requirement for a bigger map size. So 17blue17 had to increase the size of the TN mod map which made it mroe blocky. He did fix many places, I believe north america for example, but it takes ALOT OF TIME for him to fix it. We were all annoyed by PI increasing the map size among other things. With EU4 out, and with many players nto worried about this mod anymore, I am guessing 17blue17 will not want to put the time in to make the map look better. You can try to ask on the TN mod Paradox forum.

yes, the autosaves must have been an oversight. When I was uploading updates I would take them out. 17blue17 must have forgot, but I greatly apreciate him making this patch and uploading it.

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PrinceLoffenschausen - - 42 comments

the mod crash in making history any fix

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