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The first official release for Strength In Arms. To install, run the executable and follow the prompts. Please note, to correctly install and run this game users will need Windows XP/Vista/7, and Microsoft .Net 4.0. XNA 4.0 Framework is included in the installer. Troubleshoot: You will require Microsoft .Net 4.0. to install. If you are having problems running the game install Microsoft .Net 4.0. and then reinstall the game.

Strength In Arms 1.0
MonZombo - - 131 comments

i have vista and everything, but i couldnt run it roperly.... i heard the sound, but the screen was black all the time.... i tried compatibility mode and stuff but nothing... any help?

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otherbits Author
otherbits - - 3 comments

To anyone having an issue running the game:
The most likely issue is that you need .Net 4.0. It can be downloaded here:
(Its in the download description, but its easy to miss, sorry. I'll make that more obvious in future)
Please also note that the game also installs XNA 4.0, which needs .Net 4.0 to install. Which means you may need to uninstall the game and then reinstall it after installing .Net 4.0.

P.S Not my idea. These are requirements of XNA

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MonZombo - - 131 comments

thanks for the support, but that didn't solve it ;(

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