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While working towards the release, we thought that only a demo could help you find more about the game. So grab the build (it's the same for Windows, Linux and OSX!), read the README and enjoy 3 levels we got for the demo! Enjoy!

Starshock Public Demo
_1dt3k_ - - 54 comments

It really is a blast, I've been following this over at TIGSource and it really lived up to the "hype" that was generated over there. All I would ask is to add an invert-look option, being an inverted sort of guy.

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Evrim Author
Evrim - - 10 comments

Thanks a lot for the reply, I'm planning on adding a few more controls related settings

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_1dt3k_ - - 54 comments

Great! Looking forward to the finished product.

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ahmolawa - - 1 comments

Your game is a master piece. Thank you for your hard work.

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drofontoast - - 1 comments

Just wanted to say that I stumbled across this after having been on a binge of Ultimate Doom and SystemShock 2 for the past 5 days and it's Brilliant!!

The Music and art-style create the tone perfectly and the writing for the ship logs is of a good quality.

The Enemies are varied and feel quite unique although the fact that rocket launching bots seem to want to do rush-downs did break immersion for me somewhat as I wondered if it was a design decision [As it was quite Intimidating] or an Ai oversight.

You already said you're working on the balance which is great and I thoroughly appreciate that. Aside from that my only minor criticism is that breaking boxes on top of platforms would often generate Loot that was unreachable. It was mildly frustrating but nothing major =)

Aside from that this game is Amazing! I really hope you keep up the good work because I'd be more than willing to pay money for a final version ;)

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ArsenioDev - - 1 comments

hey your 7dfps game isnt working on my mac! heres the errors! Pastebin.com

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