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Credit goes fully to Bum'd all I did was port the mod to C4. Hauling from a turbulent place known as ''The Pit'', these are the remnants of the Southern Sector Republic. They used to be the main fighting force of it, until their beloved republic dissolved. Now, they will try every trick up their sleeve they have to bring it back to its former glory. No matter the cost. Behold, the Southern Remnant Militia. A ragtag bunch of former troopers with outdated weapons. They may lack the equipment, but they sure as hell don't lack the spirit. 1.2 Patchnotes -Slight spritetweaks for the Rozpierdalacz .500 -Buffed a few guns, Sniper rifles are now Sniper rifles! (That means they can see further) That's it really. Enjoy! if any issues with the mod come up, please contact me. Or feel free to suggest something. Credits for content used can be found within the ''Da Streetcred'' .ini You have my permission to edit, port or reupload the mod. Just give credits.

S.R.M. 1.2
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