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SQUARE... 1.1 The polygonal war has been going on for a long. long long long x10 to the 16th time... But, now the final stages of it are beginning... all the other polygons have teemed up against THE UNION OF SQUARES, (that'd be us)... So now we face a very strong army, but you (that'd be you) can stop them... We've sooped you up with all the latest and advancedest weapons we have... So, you should own all. You start with 100 ammo and 100 health, all reload times are in terms of steps (30sps), all enemys have 100 health... Your health is the bar in top right, ammo is number in the bar, your weapon is the nunber to the right of health bar... And you can shoot down triangle bullets with everything but weapon 1. All enemy bullets explode after 4 seonds... Crashing into an enenmy does 20 damage (try not to do that)... Oh, and you aim with your mouse (try to have a mouse, not a track pad because you'll probably never win with that...)...

Square 1.1
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