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Be a Space Pirate! A lot of critical fixes which popped up in the last version. + Removed saving bug and broken game states + Adjusted spawning of random ships (won’t be near you all the time) + added second fire mode for Big Robot + Added auto save to every encounter on star map + Added idle states for player when not walking + Added new feature: Spacesuit (auto put on when in space) + Removed damage & bug from green nebula on star map + adjusted mg kill sequenz + kill player when leaving scene in space suit + Adjusted levels a tiny bit to showcase Spacesuite + Removed "every enemy has 5 health" bug and adjusted health for bosses

Space Pirate (version 0.340) PC

I encountered a bug in this version in which random ships aren't random anymore i.e after they are pillaged, they continue their journey. Because of this, it's possible to pillage same ship... well same green dot actually multiple times

There's also a bug in which kills player instantly when trying to leave field during planet investigation

However, this version has fixed instant death while robbing space bank :D. Oooh yeah!
There was space police truck outside the bank but for some reason, there were no cops coming out of it. I don't know if it's a bug or not but I can say for sure that I managed to disarm alarm everytime it starts

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Bombini Author

Thanks a lot!
I will work on those issues.

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