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SONIC QUARTZ DEMO 5.1 ---------------------------- Fifth demo for Sonic Quartz, originally available at SAGE 2020. Now slightly updated. Features 3 zones, and a tutorial stage. Running on the Flicky Engine. Features original tracks Composed by SpeedVGM and Critical Health, and a placeholder track by T-SQUARE. Only 1 character is playable, though the final release is planned to have 4 playable characters. All assets are subject to change, and do not represent the final product. ------------------------------------------ CREDITS: Speed - Game Director, Story Writer, Composer Voltrix - Spriter. Kast - Spriter. Critical Health - Composer/Arranger Wiztoad - Spriter. Mopwop - Story Writer/Editor. Landy - Sonic Voice Actor. Pvic - Programmer Larnny - Spriter. ---------------------------- Game developed by Team Quartz. Sonic and the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise is owned by SEGA and Sonic Team. This is a fanmade, non profit project and should not be sold under any circumstances. ---------------

sonic quartz demo 5
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