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This week we bring you Snapshot 5 with a richer block interaction scheme. Click on "read more" to get installation instructions, controls and other information.

Snapshot 5 Released
Sethiel Author
Sethiel - - 8 comments

Wow, Snapshot 5 is way too buggy. We apologize for that. Here is a portion of the changelog for Snapshot 6 that details the fixed bugs:

BUGFIX: When replacing a block with a block of the same type but a different texture, sometimes visually the update would only trigger after a secondary block has been replaced.
BUGFIX: Placing new blocks would not always update the height map.
BUGFIX: Items would sometimes be created over the upper border of the map if the map was too high.
BUGFIX: Placing items at world geometry seems can cause visual issues and even a crash.

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