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A widescreen and resolution patch to fix issues on modern PC especially with resolutions higher than 1920x1080. It also fixes the "Texture or surface size is too big (esurface.cpp, 129)" error!

Widescreen Fix v1.1

Many thanks for this specific (?) version for the first extension of SHOWWII, zocker_160.


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zocker_160 Author

hope you like it :)

This is sadly the only Soldiers expansion / successor I could get my hands on, there are two more which only released in Russia and sadly it seems impossible to find the game data anywhere.

PS: I will upload the game data for this to Archive.org, so anyone can easily download. It is abandonware anyway.

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You can find the complete collection on the most famous Russian torrent tracker. Type in the search: "Антология В тылу врага". Of course, this is piracy, but given that most of the games in the series cannot be bought today, in my opinion this is the way out.

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