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This mod changes all characters names to their real life counterparts Jeet Kune Do to Bruce Lee, Drunken Fist to Jackie Chan, Wu Shu to Jet li etc..

Shaolin vs Wutang Real character names
tenack52 - - 1 comments

I put the file in translations and I didn't edit it or anything and it isn't working. Am I doing something wrong? I went to local files SVW_Data streaming assets and translations but it still didn't work. Do I have to put it in a file in translations or?

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LUAN_JAGUAR_KING_93 - - 66 comments

It is supposed to work, you can see in screenshots.. Your game is English right, not any other language?

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Guest - - 689,200 comments

Yes my game is english

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LUAN_JAGUAR_KING_93 - - 66 comments

try this one and let me know : Mediafire.com

dont forget, it goes into Shaolin vs Wutang directory > SVW_Data > StreamingAssets > Translations

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timotiuschristian16 - - 1 comments

Could you give me your save file? I just want to play Versus with all the characters unlocked.

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