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Version 1.0 of SCP - Almost Impossible Mod 1.0 dkasifofhsiodhfuoisdhfoisdhfosdhfiofshfiosh (need to reach 50 char length) Good luck and have fun! -Vurbi 10

SCP   Almost Impossible Mod 1.0 - Old version

How impossible is it since if i play it it will be very sh*t like i wont expect sh*t y'know like is scp 173 fast? is every scp fast? spawns everywhere? its also weird that this mod is created today

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Vurbi10 Author

Well its very hard atleast for me, i got to heavy.If you want more info go to Undertowgames.com i tried to fit info here but moddb has a 1000 char limit and no spoiler feature.To answer "why is this mod made today its weird" question, i did not have a moddb acc or a undertowgames acc so here is your answer, here is my gamejolt acc i have this acc for more then 3 years Gamejolt.com. EDIT: I made this mod before i had a moddb acc or a undertowgames acc.

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