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Full Version Requiem. Download file, Extract file, Open folder and open "game" folder, double click .exe file.

Martanz - - 479 comments

Cool! =D Gonna try this out =)

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Jxdraco - - 24 comments

looks cool... downloading.

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JustDaveIsFine - - 1,546 comments

Its pretty understandable that you had a short time to work on this project, but I didn't get the vibe you were going for.

This really looks like starter.fps but you added trees and a few gravestones. The character looks like shes from a character pack and the sound didn't even work for me.

I'm not very impressed. I feel you could have done so much more with this.

To be constructive, I didn't hear any real voices. That would have been much more effective than text that appears for half a second.

The pathways are construed. I walked 100 feet, saw the church, and finished the map. Nothing seems to be even blocked, and the character can walk up intensely steep cliffs.

The atmosphere didn't hit me as anything good. I got the impression you wanted a creepy/sad atmosphere, but besides the music, nothing really backed that up. I'd take notes from Silent Hill 2.

It didn't help that you've left the editor enabled, and the spectator camera.

I'd love to go into detail but I need to leave for work. Are you still working on this project?

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