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Ok, so because I edit the module files it is a bit hard to show you all what I do. I can't just post a screen shot of the cool new model I made. Here is a copy of the mod that I have been working on with the hamlets and formations in place. There is a readme in the folder that will tell you how to install. -Rhider

Mularac - - 2,910 comments

seriously guys, use rapidshare.

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Blackout_ - - 78 comments

Ok, I downloaded it and installed it and tried it. You made a good job with the villages that appear when you're close only. Much better now... But I don't know what other changes I should be expecting to see :S. Tell me and I'll check it out, but as far as I've seen, good work!

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Mydrall Author
Mydrall - - 11 comments

I changed it so villages won't appear when you get close. I also added a new town type. They will show up as 'farmstead' 'settlement' 'hamlet' or 'township' depending on what the population is. They are kind of small and only appear when you get close too so they might be hard to find. Those things took forever. =-P
If people send me the models they put in-game. I can include them in the module files and post it so everyone can test them out.
AS for rapid share....all I am posting are text files. They are not that big...
I will post this in the forums.

By the way, if you take over a castle...the hamlets


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prowokator - - 26 comments

downloaded and tried but
I get an RGL error:
"get_skeleton_anim failed for run_man_right"
I get it with my weapons test mod too now.. I got the same error with 1.003 so I updated my M&B to 1.011 but still got the same error.. :( I wonder whats up with my M&B..

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