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Project RADIATION-GAME Description and brief history ** World War II ... 1944. Colonel Frank Harrison is assigned the task of collecting data on the secret developments of the SS in the field of nuclear and biological weapons. Now the whole fate of the world is in his hands.** Ahead - a lot of meat and scrap metal, Easter eggs, references, monsters, robots, chainsaws, miniguns and much more! The game does not support ModemPlay (R), but the single player is no less interesting! Explore a bunker-maze full of monsters or an open world with robots and radiation! The original setting! A lot of references and Easter eggs! A cake and a secret room full of meat are available! 100% open world! 3D support! Works on all Windows 95 PCs! Support for the RayCasting Graphics engine! * The copyrights (C) of Stalker UM and RD GAMING Entertainment DO NOT APPLY!*

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