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Our full release of the game! Requires Java. Please comment your thoughts below.

Quatris 1.0 (.exe)

Very much improved from the earlier release.
The difficulty levels are game-changing as opposed to just a minor skill-ramp.
Stress-mode is a neat turn-around from the usual formula, good use of conflict.

Nicely done, would still like to see a counter-clockwise turn (or did I miss it) and menu navigation could use a bit more idiot-proofing (post an 'esc to go back' indicator) definitely worthy of a 1.0 version number!

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Timeroot Author

Thanks! Yeah, there's no counter-clockwise turn. We considered having UP=Clockwisde DOWN=Counterclockwise SPACEBAR=Quickly down, and in fact the capability for setting the different turn versions for different keys is in the code; our problem was that using "Down" to turn seemed way more unintuitive than you might expect, and we found ourselves continually pressing DOWN to move down, and getting annoyed when it didn't work.

Maybe eventually we'll have some Options where you can configure it. And, yes, we're getting some feedback about things in the UI/controls that need to be more obvious.

Stuff for 1.1. :-)

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