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This is the first demo available testing for Project 'Unknown'! Just drag the .exe and the Content folder elsewhere, and start playing! Controls: WASD/arrow keys to move (In editor mode) Hold down the top bar of a panel to drag it elsewhere (if it has a top bar!) (We haven't got around to changing the icon/Project name, sorry!) Please report all bugs to us in a comment. Thanks! -You will need the XNA framework 4.0 and the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0 to run this.-

Project 'Unknown' - First demo!
Vinylluck - - 1 comments

Something I find very sad about this game is that it's so unknown >Pun inserted< Even though it may not be out yet the game appears to be very good! Even if I may be one of the very few, I support this product. O3O.

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