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STORY After an Arctic Scientist's ship is caught in a storm and capsized by the rough waves of the Arctic sea, our hero finds them self washed up on unknown territory in the Antarctic lands. With no contact to the outside world, you must help our hero fight off against territorial creatures of the winter lands that have a taste for blood. Counter Frost is a Retro, Wave-Based Survival game. You need to use quick reflexes to dodge the enemies while also continuing to shoot them to earn points. The game is randomized so Enemy types and Power ups can spawn at any point. CORE FEATURES Randomized Enemy Types Two Current Levels Spear Power Up Harpoon Rifle Time and Score tracking Wave system ABOUT ME I am a New Zealand student from Media Design School currently doing a Bachelors in Creative Technology: Game Art. I mainly do Concept Art and Game Development and have a passion for Video Games and Film. This is my first official game I have created and look forward to doing more.

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