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Pit is a small, fun throwback to the great days of "mow 'em down" first person shooters such as Doom, with a focus on entertaining gunplay and easy portability. FEATURES: - Short "bite-sized" (around 30-40 minutes) campaign made up of 8 different levels, each with its own distinctive flavor - Visceral sound design and visual effects bring gun battles to glorious low-resolution life - Hyper low system requirements and a small file size make it easily portable for play in computer labs and low-level home computers - 5 unique weapons and 7 deadly enemies - Deep scoring system and many secrets lend replayability - Fun cheats, including the ability to wield "golden" versions of each weapon, that come with everything from increased firepower to the ability to destroy the environment

Pit: The Bite-Sized Shooter

Looks good.

My favorite small FPS is called Monsters Land, its an 8MB has 3 weapons plus grenades and 6 areas to play. I think its awesome! Its too bad the company who made it went out of business, and it doesn't have LAN/Multiplayer Support :(

You can get it as CNET.com:


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