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Set in the golden age of pirates, this is your chance to become pirate king and conquer the Caribbean. Join, champion, and unite the three pirate factions: Pirates, Corsairs and Buccaneers. You must ultimately leverage this unity in all out war against the evil Pirates of Black Cove. Manage and develop parts of three strongholds and visit them to pick up faction and storyline missions. Visit the Alchemist to find out what special ingredients are needed for the wacky potions and embark on adventures to find and collect them. Unite the three Pirate factions to gain access to their hero units and ultimately take down the Pirates of Black Cove and become King of all the pirates. If you have what it takes that is.

Pirates of Black Cove Demo

by the way, I have tried to download the demo several times with Windows 7 and Windows xp, but I keep getting an error in Desura.
Also, I have tried downloading it from GameFront, but the bandwidth keeps dropping below 100Kbps which is extremely slow.
Is anyone else having these problems?

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I finally got it to download via fileplanet. then installed it on my windows 7 machine. Runs great and I'm very impressed with the graphics and gameplay. Thanks for releasing the demo for Pirates of Black Cove.
I'm looking forward to purchasing the full game on desura

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