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The first demo to Patch. Includes the first level, boss, and a tutorial level. Enjoy!


I had quite a bit of fun with this, seems heavily inspired by Sonic.
Keep at it, I'd love new ways to kill enemies and maps that aren't limited to the screen. The Boss fight could maybe do with some minions that get in the way.

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7OSIX Author

Kind of paying homage to all the great retro platformers. I wanted to do a traditional one screen map, akin to old Donkey Kong days. Don't see many of them anymore, so i figure I would revive that. Also in later levels, there are other ways to kill enemies, semi puzzle and strategy. I also kept the first level boss pretty simple, to teach the player basics. Trust me, it gets much harder. Thanx for the comment, and for playing!!!! Means a lot to me!

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Excellent demo! The wall jumping takes a minute to get used to but I love the retro graphics!

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