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The 1.3.1 cumulative patch for Gas Guzzlers: Combat Carnage.

Patch 1.3.1
AlexKVideos1 - - 4 comments

That is the wrong bug fix list, here is the real list:
- Added voting support (change race type, change track, kick player, reset tournament, rubber banding)
- Added support for multiple dedicated servers on the same computer
- Added race finish timeout
- Tournament is reset when last human player disconnects from the lobby
- Dedicated server can now be configured to require clients a password before connecting
- Server list shows a locker icon near the dedicated server with a password
- Server list shows a country flag based on a dedicated server's geografical location
- Server list shows a ping for a dedicated server
- Implemented "typing notifications" in a lobby (e.g. when client is typing in a chat text box,
other clients see flashing icon near that client's name)
- Welcome message and server messages have distinct color
- Admin chat messages have distinct color
- Land mine does instant kill in deathmatch
- The car reset has been restricted. The player can reset car only if the car is flipped, out of
track or not moving for a certain duration.
- Self-damage from weapons is disabled
- Added "enter to switch camera" message when player has finished the race or has been killed
- The message box is displayed in the main menu if the user has been kicked from the server
- Implemented master server info message in a multiplayer lobby
- Information about dedicated servers are now more often sent to the master server
- Implemented toggling of weapon groups
- Default "say" key is now T
- Added support for NAT punch through when connecting to dedicated server
- Fixed bug with no effects on head-on collision
- Chat message is always displayed in the dedicated server console
- Fixed dedicated server timeout kick bug

Single Player/Common:
- Tournament races can now be played in any order. Player can also go to a garage while tournament
is in progress. If game is quit while tournament is in progress, the tournament state is saved.
- When tournament is in progress, rank list dialog in a garage shows scores and kills for players
that participate in a tournament.
- Player gets score points for kills too. Two kills make one score point
- Implemented force-feedback
- Added "Controller Options" group to options menu. The user can adjust force-feedback, deadzone,
sensitivity and saturation for the selected controller there.
- Ammo/health powerups cannot be collected if ammo/health is full
- Improved car handling
- Improved car-to-car collision damage and nitro distribution (e.g. if player hits opponent's car
in the rear, only player gets nitro bonus and opponent gets most of the damage)
- Nitro is refilled white drifting using the handbrake
- If player has double damage, his land mines do double damage too
- Rain and snow do not fall in the tunnels anymore
- Added fullscreen on/off option in the graphics options
- Fixed strange behavior for finish camera
- Fixed shadows bug that sometimes occured if Alt+Tab has been used repeatedly
- Improved auto-aim for weapons
- Minor AI improvements
- Look-back camera is positioned more appropriately
- Aerial nitro is being filled when car has spent at least 0.5s in the air
- Fixed bug where sun flare would be visible through solid geometry
- Max driver tags distance is now 70m
- Added new loading screen tooltips
- Quick race settings use the same wheel settings (rim, color and reflection) as the current car in
the campaign
- Added console commands that can control music playback in WinAmp
- Fixed weapon firing bug when ammo count is 0
- Message box is shown when tournament is available for the first time in the category
- Fixed bug where default rim would be unlocked per car template instead globally
- Rims are now unlocked globally
- Loading screen tooltips are ordered and depend on a context now
- Katyusha can switch weapon only when all four rockets are fired
- Various minor bug fixes and improvements

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