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Oasis is the first playable technology preview of the open Outcast project which aims to create a free successor of the Action-Adventure Outcast (by Appeal). The story/level of this mod isn't directly connected with open Outcast (though everyone who played the original Outcast will see that everything was designed in it's style). Moreover Oasis should demonstrate what is possible using standard Flow Graphs - the next step will be adding custom Flow Graphs and bigger modifications to the sourcecode. The whole gamemedia is custom made and you already can solve some quests which feature dialogues and voice acting.

Oasis 1.0
TheUnknownM - - 954 comments

i love it great job :o)

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BoneofFear - - 167 comments

damn and I just installed the original game too.Awesome work too

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MondPrinzessin - - 2 comments

Great, I never played the orignal but always hear how awesome it is! So I will play this mod if it is released! :D

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Lenox47 - - 676 comments

What about ...?

After spending several minutes, I realized a lot of flaws and yet ... love!

The universe is unique, original, neat, complete. It may lack the life, sounds in the background, over vegetation or terrain, but damn, it's beautiful!

Apart from some bugs and dialogue that we can not avoid directly, all is consistent and so beautiful ...
Finally, the only thing it lacks is depth. As far as decorations in the atmosphere.

But I do not say anything more because when I see this level of modeling and originality, I can only bow my head and dream of being able to do as well. Congratulations and continue on this path, you go to overshadow the greatest games!

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s87 Author
s87 - - 112 comments

We are going to release an updated version of Oasis that will be much more playable this summer ;)

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WehageDK - - 1 comments

That sounds great! Looking forward to it.

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