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Early access is all the rage - with all base features roughly implemented, Migrate's gameloop is now playable from start to finish. Playtest now and familiarize Lo with three of the fifteen planned areas. Find ridiculous easter eggs, break the game, and potentially be the first to complete a run. Join our Discord at discord.gg/p5Ne8Jr to discuss this and future releases.

Migrate demo ALPHA 0.95
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Controls tutorial:
WASD to move
Q/E or mouse left/mouse right - peck/slash. Your light or heavy attacks.
Z - interact/pickup
S - guard. Hit will damage stamina before they damage health.
C - open crafting window (drag and drop)
F - perform (move the mouse on each beat to select note, release to commit performance)
CTRL - modifier. Use to examine objects.

To use your inventory:
Click and drag. You can drop items, or drag them from chests. Right click for an expanded options menu. Middle click to either equip or use the item, depending on the item.

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