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This is a beta release of a full, wholly playable MechCommander:Lostech based on the abandonware and freely distributed MechCommander game plus all available player-made campaigns (including Rizzen's , since he already repacked all others as well). Lostech features a complete vehicle, weapons, and mech loadout overhaul - as well as pilots that can spot for aerospace airstrikes. It also includes a fully new Liao/Capellan pilot and vehicle roster with custom colors, loadouts, stats and descriptions, which are usable in select missions. HOW TO RUN: Extract and use a NOCD executable, this is a fully portable install. You can try different resolutions since some work better than others. You can use the "regular" executables if you have a MechCommander gold ISO image (download online).

MechCommander:LosTech STANDALONE 0.9
Nigel33 - - 1 comments

Referring to this:

Due to limitations that crash the game, loose components in the player's inventory, if they are the mod's new ones, aren't included on savegames or passed in between missions

How do I know which weapons are the mod's new ones and which ones aren't? Are those components that can be purchased by either IS and Clan aren't the mod's new ones?

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Guest - - 688,745 comments

The mod's new components will always appear below sensors in the component list (inventory), while non-modded ones will appear above sensors.

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Nimostar Author
Nimostar - - 487 comments

Some modded components will appear above sensors in the list (such as IS LRM-15 and LRM-20) due to being pre-supported by the game; you will not lose these ones in-between missions even if not assigned to a 'mech.
You can get 1 of all weapons by typing "hereitcomes" in pre-mission and check it out.

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