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This counts as a full release even though it will still be developed. Over 24 weapons have been added and loadouts changed. Install: Put your DATA folder over a MechCommander Darkest Hours 4.2 working portable install (standalone free and legal mechcommander mod by rizzen) Fresh installs are better. If you had the Vault Lostech Alpha 0.1 there before this may not work. It may, but I cannot guarantee it. Over a fresh install it will surely work. Overwrite everything, you should be prompted after puting the DATA folder there. NOTE: 0.3 has a crash when you use NimoStar pilot (how fitting), the 0.31 version should fix it. Future versions will be built trying to not depend on Darkest Hour specifically. Redownload and overwrite 0.3 if you had it.

MechCommander: Lostech - Release v031
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