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You (Nicky Roth) find your old neighbor from when you were a teenager again but the neighborhood is gone except for your neighbors house which has been modified small bit and you notice he has boarded up all windows with 2 of them pretty low security. You see your house has been rebuilt. You try to get in his basement again, you need 3 keys, a crowbar, and a keycard to enter the basement. (There is no basement map sorry) There are beartraps everywhere securing his house and he now has no fake walls that block his stairs from inside the house. The keys and crowbar are hidden pretty well, one key is near you from the start and the keycard should be the hardest to get. With a big brain, you can find the keys, crowbar, and keycard to get into Mr. Peterson's basement. I will start an act 2 but harder once I get 100 downloads, and it would be nice to put this on youtube, I don't have an account yet. :)

MaximumSecurity Act1
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