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This is an updated download of the original demo and is a much more playable, streamlined experience. Although no new game-play has been added yet, we hope you find it to be an improvement of this short demonstration of our ideas. This release is simply a demonstration of the core idea behind Lux and acts as a platform using the ‘Lux Engine’ to test the core game idea in-game. The demo is more of a ‘proof of concept’ as opposed to a fully working game, however we decided to share our progress so far. We have more complex and challenging puzzles designed which we hope to implement into the game in the future. But for now we hope you enjoy this short demonstration of our work on Lux and that it gives you an insight into our ideas behind the game. We hope to hear your thoughts on the project. Thank you for playing.

Lux Demo (zip)
Armageddon104 - - 3,128 comments

WOW! 0_o

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Taowolf51 - - 24 comments

This looks so cool! :D
Downloading now. :)

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ADURUS - - 8 comments


Good job guys, I've been following this for a little while now.
Keep it up, don't give up on it!!

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