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BlocksCraft2Dv.2021.02.13-19-30 Alpha 1. Added poisoning effect. 2. Added a snake to the sand world. 3. Fix the plate. 4. Fix light. 5. Fix text fields. 6. A cursor appears in the text boxes. 7. Copy paste to console. 8. Russian text in tablets. 9. The direction of the player's gaze is now preserved. 10. The boat could not move, the object of the boat did not disappear when placed on the water, the texture of the boat was changed, while sitting in the boat, the player's humidity increased, the boat could not be taken back into the inventory, the boat retains its direction. 11. Some items did not lose strength. 12. Hunger and thirst didn't work. 13. Fix light. 14. The number of items was sometimes ignored. 15. The colors of items with durability were displayed incorrectly. 16. Torches could not be installed on the wooden floor.

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