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The Kobolds Rising mod adds a new tag in the Wyvern coast region much like the Imperial Gnome tag; however, instead of it being gnomes the kobolds have arrived. Some Lore: The Kobolds first showed face in the Dragonswake, where they rushed out of their burrows in the Dragonspeak and Dragonscoast, overwhelming the Gnomes and forcing them out of the now Koboldic lands. Eventually more Dragons awoke such as Tayekan the Blue, the dragon who freed the kobolds, this founding the now important Kobold Dragon cult. The Dragon cult influenced some Kobolds to migrate south by tales of Dragons and Wyverns/Half Dragons. These kobolds moved to the Wyverns coast. and settled these lands with much tribulation. These Kobolds were met by waves and waves of refugees, that pushed them to be seen as monstrous in which the Humans attacked and the Kobolds retreated above and below ground into the mountains. Over time these Kobolds would join the Empire of Anbennar and twist their faith into an accepted faith

Kobolds Rising - Anbennar Submod
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