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Full game, and playable demo, all in one. If you like it you can purchase a key code from Desura or from the main Lo-Fi Games website listed on the right.

Kenshi 0.22.0
willyTHERAVEGER - - 465 comments

interesting... hmmm, i think ill be trying this :p

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Renegade2 - - 184 comments

patch notes?

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Mad_Shameful - - 10 comments

This has a lot of potential.

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Legohood1478 - - 113 comments

so i don't have the full game of this and i was just wondering if i download this will i get to play the full game?

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Slimjim0703 - - 11 comments

I bought this game a little while ago, and i must say it has GREAT potential, soon he will be adding building construction, and im sure soon after that will be business management, so u can purchase buildings and start a business. He is doing a great job at this game, and with each update it gets better and better. I fully recommend that u buy it now, and help him torwards finishing this game, im sure u wont regret it, and its almost like prepurchasing/or getting a beta copy of the game because when he does get to completion of the game, it wont be the same price.

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