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The Alpha 0.1 Version of the RPG Kelgar. No big changes this time, because this month was busy.

Kelgar Alpha 0.1
qubodup - - 32 comments

1. Pretty
2. Crashes a bit on Linux (thanks for providing it for Linux though!)
3. Colorful and the music seems rather 'happy' - on the other hand one of your talk options is "what the hell" and the first NPC says that snakes "raped", which seems very violent for the visual/music setting and also seems nonsensical (unless snakes are not like real life snakes in this game)
4. The NPC's canine should say something :)
5. Not being to jump on the fire feels awkward (invisiblewallsitis)

I wish you success in the further development!

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TinyWorlds Author
TinyWorlds - - 74 comments

1. Thank you :)
2. I'm using Linux Mint and it never crashed for me.
3. It's one of the main game design aspects to have alternative solutions for problems. I want to show the negative aspects of war - that includes rape and murder.
The snake stuff will make a lot more sense, when they are included as faction.
4. Grrr :)
5. This is the cooking trigger...

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