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Second version which decreases file size. -Take state can now be used on capital states. -A ''negotiated transfer'' casus belli on other players for 0 infamy. This is meant for ''peacefully'' transferring states between players. -Added the West Indies Federation as a releasable country.

HPM edited 1.1

Why is this over 1GB!? HPM mod is just 60MB with and 250MB without 7zip/rar compression.

Could you also add more detailed changelog, what about this changes in wargoals: can you explain them?

Is there any content added besides West Indies Federation?

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Hrissie Author

I ****** up with the documents file so it is unnecessarily big.
The wargoal changes are so that now you can take capital states, and there is a PvP wargoal that is 0 infamy so that you can ''sell'' provinces and make deals.
No extra content besides WIF no. I made the mod for the MP games my friends and I do and we couldn't figure out a better way to transfer the files than moddb.

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