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Bring a new party and you WILL pee yourself. 1.08 adds Antique store with legendary and unique (NEW!) items,so you'll have something to do with all of those extra gems. More lighting conversions. Unzip the Hotel Hades.dat file into your "Documents/Almost Human/Legend of Grimrock/Dungeons" folder (LoG Version 1.3.1 required), run game and choose "Custom Dungeon". Walkthru included in zip file. Questions or comments feel free to send me a message at the grimrock.net forum. "msyblade". You have been captured by a demonic entity that finds it necessary to taunt you the entire time. features: -Tutorial accessible from the first room. -Most difficult encounters can be overcome without swinging your sword. - New walkthru with tips for all floors included if you get stuck. -9 level dungeon, w/storyline,and boss battle. - Puzzle/secret exp awards - 3 working shops - 11 new Items - 5 new spells - Over 150 scripts used, rewarding logical and curious approach.

Hotel Hades 2 v1.11
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