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COMPATIBLE WITH NEWEST VERSION ''Gekokujo-Daimyo Edition 2.2'' by Aruda NO PROBLEM IF YOU HAVE OLD VERSION 2.0 , NEWEST PATCH IS ALREADY IN THESE FILES.UNZIP AND PASTE INTO ORIGINAL MOD Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 2.0 By Aruda COMPATIBLE WITH OLD SAVES Compatible with old saves if you already been playing ''Historical names ''Historical names , larger battlefields and some more tweaks DONT BLAME ARUDA (author ) for any historical or spelling mistakes if you will find any (don't think so ) .This will be my fault All credits to Aruda author of Gekokujo Daimyo Edition 2.0 and MARTY4286 creator of original Gekokujo mod i am just a fan :) UNZIP AND PASTE INTO ORIGINAL MOD Gekokujo-Daimyo Edition 2.0 or 2.2

Unoficial patch for Gekokujo-Daimyo Edition 2.2
SoldierOFortune_PL Author

my other jobs :
Rising Sun : Bakumatsu 1.2 troop tree fix/patch

Modification/fix for ''1860 Old America mod ''

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SoldierOFortune_PL Author

added patch 2.2 from Gekokujo- Daimyo Edition with new armors and scenes

Tamana village scene fix.

-Tsushima fort scene fix.

-2 new town scenes (Credit goes to Bunroku mod)

-New armors for Asakura, Satomi and Amako clans.

-New Ashikaga clan Jinbaori.

-fixed non usable pikes and spears in cavalry and Lords equ ,
-changed stats of horses .
Now each clan has different colour of horse bridle :), they not mixed anymore, now is much easier recognize own cavalry in battle .
-fixed few Chokosabe , Ukita helmets (colours)
-fixed stats and weapons of all Nobori bearers
-added Ashikaga Onnabushi tree
-changed lords equ , more of them are mounted now ,more wear jinbaori and look like proper lords not common soldiers

Big thanks to Aruda , author of ''Daimyo Edition ''

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