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Hello Brother Version 1.2 is here This is the biggest update of all time, I was so stupid that the modkit deleted the original files, so i have to remake it, so here it is, here we go GENERAL - Custom houses are here - a NEW MENU? WOOT! - The house gets new upgrades instead of adding it's models of the houses. - Teleports are here - New basement ending! - Changed some textures to fit the real life variants ACT CHANGES - New houses, DUH - Added a staircase out of doors - Every act is bigger than the other... STORY - Remade the story so it fits the concepts - Act 1 now begins in the player house of Beta 3 - the start of Acts 1 and 3 are now located in a snowy neighborhood ________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading, now you can actually play this!

HelloBrother Version 1.2
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