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Hello Brother Version 1.1 (a. k. a. the ACT 3 update) Mainly includes content added to Act 3! All the Acts: You already saw it, but I added the Kindly Keyin Inn, The BEST INN IN WAYRON CROOBS! I also changed the Textures to the Neighbor to look more like my brother, instead of the neighbor being our brother! Act 2: Some things Minor, just added more textures! Added Some windows... Act 3: You heard it, Now let's get to it! -Furnished some rooms that are previously unfurnished! -Added Doors and Windows to the house, so it doesn't look like a shell. -Added More keys and locks to Make it more Challenging! -The Kindly Keyin Inn is now an Explorable area, you even have your OWN ROOM! but you need a key card, how do you gind it? -Added a Lift door to the first floor!

HelloBrother Version 1.1
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