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"Hard Mod v1.2" is a mod that makes the gameplay harder (including consecutive playthroughs). Only Jets'N'Guns Gold v1.308 ST is supported.

Hard Mod v1.2 for Jets'N'Guns Gold v1.308 ST
GamerKB Author

Update: new version 1.2

Changes in version 1.2:

- Some adjustments to the game balance.

- Zombie Blues and NTR Sandman Laser can only be installed into the rear weapon slots now.

- Added a rear weapon slot to special ships (Jet-Pack, Scuba Diver, Underwater Ship).



If on your 2nd consecutive playthrough you will have trouble in the very beginning of the "super-computer" level/stage (with a lot of mines and lasers blocking your way), you can try combining the Hexagun weapon with some other weapons (if necessary, get a cheaper ship, so that you can have more money for weapons).

That level/stage is beatable, with the right strategy. It was checked.

Also, if the boss on that level (or the final bosses of the game) gives you any trouble on any playthrough, don't forget that you can spam the time slow-down button with the "Time Compressor" device installed in your ship. It's especially important on the 1st playthrough.

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Could I ask for a permission to use the contents of your mod and add some of the them to mine ?

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