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Hello this mod is very nice it was made for the Starcat scp cursed comp. This mod changes the textures, the sounds, some new models and the code Epilepsy warning This mod contains flashing lights Viewer discretion is advised The changes to the code are: There is a chance when a door opens you blink (1 in 100) When you press a button that does nothinng you blink When you press a button that opens a door you can blink (1 in 15) Sometimes when you pickup an item something will happen(lose hp,gain hp,get a random item spawned(form a pool table of 10 items), get earraped for 10 sec...) Sometimes when your running you can trip, also when you trip there will be a funny message. SCP-173 Now teleports to a closer room when the player is 3 rooms away (in the base game the value is 6 rooms) Lighting is now random by that i mean the colors are. When a door opens the fog changes color, because why not.

Hard and Dank AF - SCP Containmet Breach Mod
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