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This is a simple attempt at making a map in the HLP engine. There isn't much of a game as just me trying to figure out the level editor. Will be updated soon

Ghost room v1
DarkyRadiostaus - - 18 comments

Hello friend, i am trying to do a custom story too but i am still in the base tutorial, i need the file RebirthDev.bat for test my map but i don't have it, you can give it to me by putting it on Mediafire please?

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SilvanderLinus Author
SilvanderLinus - - 4 comments

Hi. Sorry for a late reply. I think you mean the developer script file the Setup Modding Envoriment page mentions. If that's what you mean, you need to create it yourself with a line of code written on the page.

It has the blank name MyModName. If that's not what you ment i'm not sure how to help you. I made my test map just fine without the file, as it only started the main games storyline, and I didn't know how to change/use it, so I didn't. I assume it's for debugging and preformens test.

I hope my response helped. Good lock with your custom story :)

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DarkyRadiostaus - - 18 comments

SilvanderLinus I did it but when the game launch it just type some scripts executes and then it stops working and i need to close it, i did tried too to remove the string for the mod and only using AmnesiaRebirth.exe as a running game, but it just crashes..

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DarkyRadiostaus - - 18 comments

Anyway when i start your custom story it's all dark and i don't know if i am moving exactly.. P.S: I can press Tab it will show the inventory and a thing up my head like a light.

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