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Improved gameplay and goalkeepers! Also fixed a crash on some older AMD CPU's.

Gameplay Football public beta 0.8

Very nice game. Quite honestly the most fun I've had in a sports game outside of FIFA. Since it's a beta, though, I'd expect there to be errors, and I have encountered a few.

- The game will always crash after every game, requiring restart to play another game. Adding some form of game loop should be able to fix it, or a simple screen asking to play again.
- Opponent AI choices for free kicks follow one specific pattern: a short pass right into the wall. Additional variety of kicks would at a bit a variety.

Other than that I'd say this project is coming along quite smoothly. Good luck in the next beta version!

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hey what are the requirements for this game dude cuz i have vista and it wont let me play it when i download it and its really making me mad cuz i want to play some soccer so please respond to this

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