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Well, lets face it. Writing a design document is difficult, and very time consuming. On the projects that I've worked on, I've used this PDF made by the kind guys at CONJURE, (which I believe is the best one available, at least freely, to the community).

Design Document Template - Small Mods
_dhk_ - - 416 comments

Indeed the perfect version for beginners and small groups compared to the full document!!

Lots of work you put in these templates, thanks :)

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Squiggers Author
Squiggers - - 713 comments

Not me that made them mate, all I'm doing is posting them up for others to use and to make peoples lives substantially easier. :)

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Highmist - - 473 comments

Lovely document! Neat, pre-organized, just what i need. thanks for the upload, going to use this as a layout for my 1st

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aidy70060 - - 368 comments

Thanks a lot mate, SC17 isn't really a small mod but I can expand on it, it'd help towards getting a diploma in Games Design :D

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silverpower - - 8 comments

Wow, this is really useful. All I had before was a rough timeline and notes on the technological level and the world's political composition. Now I've got a clear layout to work with. Thanks!

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