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Brutal ground and Space combat for space game fanatics .., that`s it, ..Galactic Battles Sandbox 4.3 - Uncharted Space arrive now. Experience sado-mazo battlefields massacre details with plenty of blood in this Galactic opera.Yea, i know someone will say how it`s predecessors are better, but this is only the beginning of great adventure.

Galactic Battles Sandbox 4.3 - Uncharted Space
Bazlik_Commander Author
Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

As remarked before this version are simple on CrappyPCGuy request , yet have simple planetary battles on planet Serb are interesting, as i say brute. Also to mention, game have little screen with simple Fanatic screen editor, and also pioneer hacking screen. Musics is somehow crappy, but will be better next time. Joker testers for this vision are on the main list of game.
Testers are:
And me, hahaha ..
Totally untested but ...

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Bazlik_Commander Author
Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

In case of re-download the game, don`t use old save file, ..

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