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War between Humans and Satan forces continue again across the galaxy. This is rapid optimized version. Tested on Win 7 64 bit/Win XP-32 and sims to work somehow. Added plenty of things, as much as 4MB bag have, ..hehe. Music change is on "M",key. Reinforcements is on 1 and 2, and so on. Bugs are possible, but not so bad, as i sad before. Mp3, and DirectX 8 needed, and three brains this time.

Galactic Battles SandBox 4 Extreme
Bazlik_Commander Author
Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

After unsuccessful attempt to defeat the humans, satan forces started mass production of new type of dreadnought, marked as Devil Eye and launch second war. This time, taken by surprise, human generals returned all available battleships to defend primary planets, which expose miner colonies to brutal attacks. So ..Serbian Mercenaries started mass production of paratrupers in cloning facilities, as opportunity for easy money. Idea is good so far, but deployment of this troops on planets under sieges is actually an another story. Under escort of veteran Serbian crews, enemy positons has been penetrated and commando units dropped on targeted destinations to assist local militia and resistance war leaders.

Additional notes.
This version is programed under alcoholic state, and not tested at all, so bugs are accepted and yet ...
-cloning chamber ..
-added bad sound cleaner.
-added memory optimizer.
Actually with this engine everything is possible in both directions and so.

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CrappyPCGuy - - 3 comments

after unsuccesful attempt of trying to understand the game, I quit the game.
somehow I managed to start the game, then started to shoot every ship I found.
also I dunno which ones are buttons which ones are pictures which ones are statistics LOL!

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Bazlik_Commander Author
Bazlik_Commander - - 312 comments

Thanks for suggestions CrappyPCGuy i will simplify this in next version if can. Also important thing for 60 FPS, in properties of your graphic card, disable those antialis-mode on off, antialiasing-FXAA on off .., for more FPS frames in games. Thank again, bad or good suggestions are good in anyway.

Also don`t forget to try latest version in Star Wars style, and recognize your enemy there if can link:


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