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The latest release for Windows. This will be updated when necessary.

Latest Windows Package (2.18.2)
Zorklis - - 185 comments

i get lag!

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Olku_ - - 2,077 comments

cube 1 engine is using old opengl. newer opengl is faster. i think :D

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CecilFF4fan - - 177 comments

*face palm* i wish i found out now beacuse i just downloaded cube

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Angelloproduct - - 18 comments

Ok so my thoughts on Assault cube reloaded

-really fun

-rocket launcher needs a proper splash damage and sound
-More rifle, smg's, pistols, shotguns
-Sound cuts off when playing or when shooting and explosions happens
-no quick melee nor quick throw grenade instead of swapping/ cycling
-through the arsenal if you want that cod feel
-missing and some non correspondent models apparently like the 1911
-having the same pistol as usp, ak 47 using a different hand and
-missing models

-Universal key binds
-voice chat
-Weapon attachments

if you want personal play testing hit me up will try my best to deliver feedback and making sure its a potential game and if you'd like a trailer for the sake of promotion will do it as well otherwise keep up the great work!

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Guest - - 696,723 comments

just wondering... where do you unpack the .zip file?because i have had trouble installing it- i have tried different places and i still cant figure out where. Thnx

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suLac - - 267 comments

It doesn't matter where you unpack it. Just do it anywhere, start the game and have fun! ;)

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xaimanxkisahx - - 22 comments

is there really a trojan like windows defender tells me?

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