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FTL:SUPREMACY aspires to fine-tune and expand FTL to be even more fun, to intensify and extend the experience while staying true to the game's excellent original concept, style, canon, and lore. The mod offers you a comprehensively overhauled and meticulously rebalanced game world, with e.g. tougher and more varied enemies, better equipment, added commercial opportunities, variable fleet pursuit (facilitating prolonged exploration), viable missile and drone use, incentivized nebulae expeditions, and much more. There are thousands of careful and moderate technical, contextual, and aesthetic fixes, adjustments, and additions, each one aimed at kicking your FTL space adventure into high gear. (Note: Mod now localized for all ten available game languages - English, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Polish, Brazilian Portugese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Japanese).

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