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Ok this is the Patch All for Finishers Quest. Patch 7. The final Patch. I am sorry It has taken so long to get this done, but obligations and life get in the way you know. This patch contains your DATA and GRAPHICS folders. Just place them in the main Finishers Quest folder overwriting your existing ones. Enjoy!

Finishers Quest Patch All
10hightech Author

Again the Monsters are pushed down and right in the mapshots, not sure why. This All Patch which is patch number 7 includes the edits I did to the last boards of the game. As with my other patches you don't need any of the patches before this one. Just the game and the latest patch.
The crystal just before the steps of the game should not be there. I mapshot this while I was testing. I was using it. Then I took it out.
I've had so much fun with this game and I tried making so many things.
I hope others enjoy it too.

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